The outlook for China in 2013 is mild, but with a chance of showers

Big Red has been an economic powerhouse for decades, especially when it comes to cheap manufacturing and the seemingly endless supply of investment cash it has on hand. But there are some troubles ahead for China as the working class is growing tired of poor working conditions, low pay and a heavy-handed government. It is […]

Investing in companies or countries

Which is more predictable over the next three years: the future of a private company or the future of the owners country? The question matters Because an investor can buy a basket of stocks – called an ETF – particularly from a country in the same way one would buy stock in just one company. […]

Buenos Aires under a toxic cloud

The toxic cloud that covered Buenos Aires was caused by the spill of a pesticide container with solid carbon based at the Port of Buenos Aires, Terminal 4. The pesticide smoke filled the City of Buenos Aires buildings were evacuated, flights delayed and interrupted several train lines. As he told reporters Safety Secretary Sergio Berni, […]

Argentina and the vulture funds

I suspect that many Commentator readers are going about their business without paying much attention to battles in the New York courts over Argentina’s sovereign debt. When governments cannot raise enough money from taxes to pay for their various schemes, they borrow it on local or international markets. Thus the fascinating question for foreign lenders: will this […]

Academic Papers about 9/11

The following articles are peer-reviewed journal papers that address issues surrounding the day of 9/11/2001 from a critical perspective. Academics are encouraged to take an interest in 9/11 research. March 2012 | Launching the U.S. Terror War: the CIA, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Central Asia Journal: The Asia-Pacific Journal Author: Dr. Peter Dale Scott (University of […]

Thinking of a better world

Noah Kalina is photographed daily for 12 ½ years

A man named Noah Kalina has mounted a spectacular video with the photos that were taken daily in the past 12 years. Composed 4514 photos, the video shows how the protagonist’s face is transformed and aging at a rapid pace, a process that is almost imperceptible in real life. The photos cover the period between […]

Unusual: Tenth day without subways in Buenos Aires

Nothing changed, everything remains the same (bad). After the metrodelegados (subway union) received no calls waiting in the city government to solve their labor claims, decided to keep the subway stop, now come the tenth consecutive day. Again, citizens are hostages of a chaotic situation and collapsed. On a war footing. “We will not let […]

We will never forget…

I was checking my map attached to this blog which tells me where people are in the world when they log onto my blog, when I came across a town I didn’t know followed by the initials “PL”.  Turns out the place was a small town in Poland; when I researched the town, the first […]

Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay withdraw their ambassadors from Paraguay

Mercosur countries, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, took the first step against Paraguay in retaliation for the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo in an unprecedented impeachment trial that lasted 24 hours. Argentina yesterday withdrew its ambassador in Asuncion Rafael Roma, while Uruguay and Brazil called for consultations with their respective ambassadors. Consultation is a step prior […]