Celebrity Twitterers

I’ve never understood the whole attraction of Twitter, but I recently signed up to check it out. I don’t really know anyone on the sight, so I’m just following celebrities right now — which is kind of a strange (yet fascinating) experience.

Two of the most active celebrity Twitterers are power couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. They frequently send out “tweets” from wherever they are, whether it’s on a private jet, in a limo on the way to the Super Bowl, at an Oscars after-party, on a movie set, or just chilling at home. I know it’s completely voyeuristic to peek into their lives like this, but for some reason I can’t turn away.

Other celebrity Twitterers include Shaquille O’Neal, John Mayer (yes, Jennifer Aniston’s main squeeze), Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit fame), and Britney Spears.

I know most people probably don’t care to watch the mini conversations as someone like Shaq debates with himself about whether to go to Dairy Queen or pop another Solo Slim, but sometimes following a celeb has benefits. Shaq has been known to give away prizes to people who can quickly give him links to something he’s looking for, and he has also left a free basketball game ticket at Will Call to the first of his followers to go to the window and say “Twitter”. Now that’s pretty cool!

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