Certified Ethical Hacker Hopefuls Flock to the Academy of Computer Education (ACE)

computerThe CEH training course – http://www.trainace.com/courses/ceh/ – at the Academy of Computer Education is currently leading the nation in enrollments and churning out Certified Ethical Hacker graduates for EC-Council, the organization responsible for establishing the CEH certification exam.

ACE’s success with information security training – http://www.trainace.com/categories/security/ – reflects a deep commitment to the EC-Council and other information security standard setters like (ISC)2 & CompTIA. The diverse and expanding curriculum of security course offerings available through ACE provides the fundamental building blocks necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing global sector. If your company needs security training for its staff, ACE’s industry expert instructors with real-world knowledge will come to you and provide their polished instruction at your facility. If you’re an individual seeking to expand your security skill set, ACE offers industry leading facilities and instruction at two Washington, DC locations.

Why is ACE the national leader in CEH enrollments?

State-of-the-art facilities and instructors like Joe McCray make ACE the best place to get Certified Ethical Hacker training. Joe is a freelance security instructor (specializing in computer/network/application security) who works as a contract instructor for ACE. He brings a deep technical knowledge from eight years of experience in the industry and has worked for the US military, the federal government, and in the private sector as a security consultant. He is able to explain complex technologies in layman’s terms and prepare students for the CEH certification exam.

McCray has been working with ACE for a little over two years now teaching Linux and security courses. His company, Learn Security Online – http://www.learnsecurityonline.com/ – (LSO), focuses on being a one-stop-shop for people that are in or trying to get into the computer security industry. He provides online games, simulators, and courses for beginners or people trying to get into the field and offers advanced courses for security professionals as well as a “Security Dashboard” that includes security news, the latest security vulnerabilities, the latest security tools, the latest attacks, popular security blogs, popular security tweets, and more.

McCray focuses on making the program better every time he teaches it. With that type of dedication and expertise in combination with amazing facilities, it’s easy to see why ACE is the national leader in CEH enrollments.

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