As ever in these days Hugo Chávez at the center of the scene in Venezuela. He said Monday he did not want to answer the rumors, but it came out on Thursday. He denied four times in less than 24 hours his condition had worsened health: the 2012 election campaign moves to the rhythm of their disease. That morning, the Miami Herald had published that he was hospitalized.

In Caracas different sources spoke of isolation by low defenses because of the last chemotherapy session. A week ago the “president-commander” did not appear on camera. That day with baseball in hand, to deny everything and went back to talking about the origin of his illness was the tumor that was removed. As it has done since late June, did not say where he was staying cancer. But medical reports circulating in the diplomatic atmosphere gives a diagnosis: Kaposi’s psoas. The malignant tumor “size of a baseball” that extracted on June 20 locked in the muscle that gives movement to the thigh. In the pelvic area, as she always said the Venezuelan leader.

The lack of official information on health has increased speculation Chavez and many say it is the main protagonist and which define the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections, which were advanced two months. On October 7, 2012, Venezuelans will elect a president. Chavez, 57, in power since 1999, running for a third term of six years. The opposition is prepared to confront it united. Some polls show them tied on intention to vote in about 35 percent, with a similar percentage of undecided voters. But Chavez’s popularity remains at 50%. “His illness had a major impact on both Chavez and the opposition”, he said from Caracas, Luis Vicente Leon of Datanalisis, a leading political consultant Venezuela.

“Not to say that the high level of support it has today Chavez will hold steady, but no doubt contributed to its popularity in recent months. Through the ups and downs of health, Chavez has established a mystical-religious link with the electorate. It would be rare for these last episodes set the stage for strengthened again in days. That, of course, if there is a serious disease, which nobody knows “, said political analyst.

The opposition also moves to the rhythm of the health of Chavez. “He gave a more dynamic, united at least for the first stage ends with the February primaries. In that sense, has been positive for them “, said Leon.

Chavez began to show signs of deteriorating health in early May. On June 2, appeared with a cane because he had a sore left knee. His presidential agenda was modified. But his presidential tour of Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba was not modified. Chavez left Caracas in early June, but his last stop could not continue. Fidel Castro was the one who noticed that something more than a nuisance in the Bolivarian limping leg. It was at midnight that Cuban doctors subjected him to study and determined that they must operate by an infection in the pelvis. A few days later, it was Fidel who gave him the results of the biopsy. It was cancer and had to operate again. It happened on June 20. Chavez led a restless life. Drank 40 cups of coffee a day, weighed 100 kilos and was with three phones that kept ringing. The change of life was abrupt. Colonel of the Parachute Division was again felt a young cadet. He rises at five and read “Thus Spake Zarathustra” by Friedrich Nietzsche.

On his return to Caracas was seen thinner. A week later he began a course of chemotherapy, which has four sessions. The last was on September 17 in Cuba and was surprised because just a few days earlier the 10 – said: “I beat cancer.” But the rumors again. Corticosteroids that supply, as part of treatment, causing him to go up in weight. The “moon face” fueled suspicions that his health was not as good as claimed. His image was realized that in treatment despite their claims. In short, are his words and his silences, which as usual movers and shakers of the electoral campaign in Venezuela. Yesterday, he spoke again. He said his recovery was “amazing.” He said he would be elected in 2012 for six years. And then in 2019 and 2025. Imagined until 2031 in power.

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