Children in Iraq


Iraqi child injured

Source : JEAN-MARC BOUJU / El País



Are increasingly clear about the atrocities committed in the invasion of Iraq. And those responsible, instead of showing repentance, they would repeat the same thing over and over again.

As time passes, and not just for publishing secret documents, it becomes clear that the invasion of Iraq, improperly called war was a crime knowingly and manifold. Thousands of civilians were killed or maimed, if not tortured or pleasantly thoroughly violated. Men, women, teenagers, children, all served to take the macho, to show off your biceps or abs.

The perpetrators of the slaughter are still at large, smooth border crossing, write books from which they derive substantial profits, give conference at the price of gold, and when referring to the topic, instead of showing repentance, they would say over and thousand times the same.

No psychopathic murderer in any prison in the world capable of showing off both of his crimes. And as it shows a button, here is an Iraqi prisoner by holding your child in a prison camp of U.S.




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