There are, armed for war, armored cars and fire hydrants on, the army with body armor behind. The order is to extinguish the fire suppressing youth prepared a protest for better education, more egalitarian, more just for all.

Students come with the idea of marching along the Alameda, the appointment is in the Plaza Italia. Carry in their backpacks an array of hopes, wishes to progress, hopes for a better country. The expected a barrage of gas become stifling air, jets of colored water, solid wooden sticks that allow breaking bones in one fell swoop.

The show is bizarre, the teens try to hold but the watchdogs of the owners of the schools are professionals in the art of breaking heads. Mix cries of pain, impotence, blood, young dragged by the hair, and amid an atmosphere suffocating the joy of those mercenaries enjoying repression by receiving a salary from their masters.

It is not Pinochet is Piñera is the same. The problem of education is solved with beatings and prison, so act right perfume that is shown as an example for our herd of elephants turned-political anti-politics.

Studying in Chile is a luxury for the few, the students are bent over backwards to achieve a degree, received their results in an average debt of $ 40,000 which will be paid upon receipt if they succeed. Classes are not wealthy do not study and follow-off recycling in a future wealthy exploiting those who do not have access to the classroom.

While these inequalities are deepened in the neighboring country and our opponents are drooling for this model, our government is already providing the computer and go number one million to three million. He created the ministry of science and technology, joined the child allowance and forcing mothers to vaccinate and give free education to receive aid. It spends 6.5% of GDP to education, this being one of the highest worldwide, there were more than 1700 schools across the length and breadth of our country and continue to fight for free education, quality and strategic value . I live in Argentina

Now the opposition wants to show us this shame as the model, the country of their dreams seriously. Repression against the protests without providing solutions to them, eliminate deductions and social plans, eliminate subsidies to transportation and get people to pay one euro ticket, as our neighbor repressor. They want to privatize the economy and the corporations that are the direct and implement all the recipes that run so successfully in Greece, Spain or Portugal. Today in Chile.

If someone does not agree and are planning to build an army-trained us understand that repression to go for a modern country such as Europe.

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