Cristina Fernández de Kirchner : “This is not what I want”

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner explained the official policy against the dollar, defended the need for the full force of the media law and stressed that “there was never much freedom of expression in Argentina”. Most Argentines that were asked.

As part of a conference held at Harvard University, President Cristina Fernandez said yesterday that it depends on your willingness amending the Constitution, criticized the Clarín Group for their refusal to submit to the Law on Audiovisual Communication Services; defended the “total freedom of expression” in Argentina, basing economic policy decisions that restrict access to foreign currency. “This is not what I want, but what I can or should. It is an abstract question. Today, the Constitution does not allow a third term. In my country we discuss many things, not up to me a constitutional amendment, or of a single party”, the President responded to a query of an Argentinian student.

“I feel privileged to be one of the few Argentines to ask questions …”, started a student, the second in making an indirect reference to the slogan “we ask”, promoted by a group of journalists in Argentina.

The truth is that the president does not give a press conference in Argentina since taking office.

“I talk to millions of Argentines in 20,000 acts that go,” said the President, leaving the crossing of irony and getting into the question of the media. Cristina Kirchner considered that his “obligation” is to govern and not “be giving lectures every day”, yes situation faced by other members of the Cabinet, said. “There comes a time when one says one thing and published another”, he said, citing the example of the daily La Nación, which over a course titled “spin” the Government to accept a dialogue with Iran, because the day before had reported that Argentina was not going to sit down with that country on the elucidation of the AMIA.

From Argentina, we feel that the president talked about the most important issues, such as election, restricting purchase of dollars, etc.

It’s a start, we must ask you to go to foreign universities so we can ask about our reality. That contradiction.

But!. Argentine journalists if they can not travel. They will then be Argentine residents in foreigners who may ask the President.
We only hear speeches on TV.

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