Cristina Kirchner poverty to below 5% and 1% indigence

Cristina Fernandez participates in the meeting with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), on his last day in Rome, Italy, where he spoke about “the model” and the results that led the country to have poverty rates and indigence that are below 5% and 1%.

As part of a talk on food, the President said that “Argentina, has been rewarded for their results in the fight against hunger is not that we only had a feeding program. We had a national project, a model of society, more equitable, more just and egalitarian, which is the best antidote in the fight against hunger and poverty”, he said.

FAO awarded a distinction to the president of Argentina in recognition of public policies that reduced levels of malnutrition in the last 25 years. The head of state was based on the latest data released by questioned Statistics and Census Institute (INDEC), which in 2013 stood at 4.7% to poverty.

During the 39th Conference of FAO, the UN agency dedicated to the problems of food and hunger, the president remarked that the country index poverty is below 5% and the poverty rate of 1%.

“What has it helped the Argentina eradicate the problem of hunger was precisely the existence of the state. And a state with very active public policies, very focused on this problem, he said.

While insisting on placing the country among those with “the best minimum living wage of Latin America”. He highlighted the social plans such as universal child allowance, because “contributed strongly to boost the economy through aggregate demand, consumption”.

Accompanied by the economic attaché at the Embassy of Argentina, Guillermo Moreno, the president remarked that “the problem of hunger it cannot be approached solely from food production,” but through the work as “the great social articulator”.

After the summit, Cristina will meet with the Director General of FAO, Jose Graziano Da Silva, then lunch with the President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, after which he will undertake his return.


The data shed major consulting firms and the world on the level of poverty in Argentina not merely match the range of 4.7% announced by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner today in Rome in the framework of the meeting of the Bureau Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN.

The digit showed the president is similar to the last measurement made by the INDEC in 2013 but. A study by the Catholic University Argentina of that year showed that the poverty rate was 26%.

According to the official CGT, which has its own center for study, poverty in May 2014 was 17.8%, while for X Consultant Artemio Lopez at the end of that year the percentage was 12.7 and the Chartered Institute of Buenos Aires this index was 20% in Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, for the Indec technicians who were displaced by the institution, poverty in May 2015 is 25.1%.

Globally, according to data collected in 2012 by the CIA World Factbook, the first countries with the lowest poverty rates are 1.16% Taiwan, Tunisia and Malaysia with 3.8%, Lithuania with 4% and Ireland with 5.5% .

Taking into account the number thrown up by the President, of 4.7%, Argentina ranks fifth in the world ranking of registering a lower poverty rate France 6.2%, Switzerland 6.9% UK of 14% and even the United States of 15.1%.

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