Deported Student

hertaTime is running out tonight for a local college student to remain in the country. Herta Llusho is scheduled to be deported tomorrow because she’s considered an undocumented alien. The Albanian native has lived in Detroit since she was 11 years old. She says her mother sought asylum from federal authorities which wasn’t given. That means the honor student at the University of Detroit-Mercy is likely leaving the only home she has known.

Herta Llusho/Faces Deportation
“I do believe the home we have built here, and the lives we created here, especially when we have good grades, we have a great community here, we’ve shon the community what we can do, and done things to prove we should stay here.”

Friends gathered at Detroit’s Hope Community Church Last Night to show their support for Herta. They’re calling on Homeland Security Directors to grant a special visa to keep Herta in the country.

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