Dramatic stories of guys in Syria

The humanitarian organization “Save the Children” released a shocking report with testimony from children in Syria, victims of “horrific torture, imprisonment and kidnapping.” In addition to the trauma caused by the civil war itself minors.

“Terrible acts of violence are committed against children in Syria who need expert help to try to recover from these horrible experiences”, said Jasmine Whitbread, international director of the organization. “His testimony should be recorded so that those who commit such acts of violence against children accountable” .

The entity reported “Untold Atrocities”, a collection of stories of conflict by children and their parents who are being assisted by “Save the children” after fleeing the conflict in Syria.
In compiling testimonies listed first Hassan, 14: “I saw dead and wounded on the ground. Human members found each other. The dogs ate the bodies two days after the slaughter. ”

Jalid, 15, says he was tortured at his old school, converted into a detention center, where he was imprisoned 10 days, without food, beaten and hung from the ceiling by his wrists. “Do you see these marks? My hands were tied with a plastic rope. Tied very tight. There were other guys in my cell, with his hands tied in the same way “, he says. And adds: ” One by one crushed his cigarette at me. Look, these are the scars. ”

Another, Wael, 16, says: “A small 6 years was tortured more than any other in that room. He did not get to eat or drink for three days, then died; treated the body as if it were a dog. ”

The testimonies collected by the Organization of children’s welfare were recorded in refugee camps in neighboring countries such as Jordan and Turkey, as the government of Bashar al Assad does not allow Save the Children entering Syria.

Anyway the organization is present on the ground at the borders of Syria, to support the thousands of children who fled the violence to neighboring countries, helping them to recover from their experiences and rebuild their lives.

Dramatic stories of guys in Syria

Dramatic stories of guys in Syria

Dramatic stories of guys in Syria

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