Essential Twitter Tools and Application



We are all fascinated by Twitter these days. But because of Twitter’s massive growth during the last year, the number of Twitter tools and applications available continues to increase. Some of us, in fact, find it bewildering. So, we decided to make a quick list of our favorite Twitter tools to share with you. Enjoy!

Essential Twitter Tools and Applications:

1. Tweetdeck: Group followers, trim URLs, send pictures, etc. Also, you can connect with your contacts across Twitter and Facebook. We love this one!
2. Twitterfeed: Add your blog to your Twitter stream.
3. Twibs: List your business on Twitter.
4. Twitterberry: If you have a Blackberry, you can post updates to Twitter using this tool.
5. Tweetie: Like tweetdeck, but for the iphone.
6. Tweet(url)ly: Tracks and ranks what URLs people are “talking” about on Twitter.
7. Hootsuite: Manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.
8. Twitzu: Promote your events on Twitter.
9. Tweetgrid: A dashboard of Twitter searches that update in real time. Helps you monitor multiple topics at once.
10. OutTwit: Lets you send and receive tweets without leaving Outlook.

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