Evo Morales’s party tries to enable a new presidential term

That would be the fourth. In February, more than 51 percent of citizens voted against a new re-election. It should try to reform the constitution or resign before, so that someone else ends his current term.

The Political Commission of the 9th Congress of the Movement for Socialism, the Instrument for Sovereignty of Peoples (MAS-IPSP), determined in its plenary last Friday to re-nominate President Evo Morales for a fourth presidential term in 2019.

The current constitution does not allow it, since the president under the current regime exercised two. However, during the MAS-IPSP congress held from December 15 to 17, it was decided to enable four possible ways: to approve a new constitutional reform by two thirds in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly,.

This requires collecting signatures of 20 percent of the electoral roll for constitutional reform; That the president resign six months before to qualify as a candidate, and a new interpretation of Constitutional Court to the Constitution (State Policy) for the population to choose the ruler he wants.

The nomination was endorsed this weekend by Vice President Álvaro García Linera in statements to the press, in which he defined as “legitimate” the four possible ways. Also the president himself, who in Cochabamba said that “if the people say ‘yes’, Evo will continue with the people, to continue guaranteeing this democratic and cultural revolution.”

Last February, Morales staged an electoral defeat when more than 51% of voters objected to the referendum on a new term.

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