Facebook on iPhone or iPod Touch

Social networks are one of the most important parts of the Internet and its users want to have access to them from wherever they are. Therefore, each network has its application for mobile phones, and the iPhone is not an exception case.

One of the top famous social network, no doubt it is Facebook which popular in the world. I’am sure most of you have iPhone and you are Facebook user as well, so no doubt you would like to access Facebook from your iPhone and iPod touch with all features.

This is version 3.11 of the tool, where you add interesting features such as synchronizing contacts and push notifications, which allow the exchange of any information in real time.

Facebook for iPhone and iPod Touch is completely free and can be downloaded from the AppStore store. Simple to configure, only requires an Internet connection to enjoy all functions that the network offers the possibility to upload pictures and videos captured with your mobile device.

Download Facebook Application :  iPhone App

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