Firefox 3.5 – Tweaks for compatibility of add-ons

One of the first challenges faced by the new Firefox 3.5 was that many of the addons were incompatible.

Firefox 3.5 change much, but some add-ons are working.
The list of add-ons is long. And sometimes it is better to try with every set that you have installed.

Well. The solution to test whether our plugins work with Firefox 3.5 is the following:

Disable add-on version checking to enable add-ons which are not compatible with Firefox 3.5:

1. Go to about:config
2. Right click, select New > Boolean and enter extensions.checkCompatibility as the name.
3. Set value to False

This allows you to carry on using extensions while the authors update them. Things may go wrong so be careful using this setting. You can still see which extensions have not been updated in the Add-ons Manager as they have an exclamation mark on their icon.

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