For Strauss-Kahn, its relationship with the maid was a “moral error”


Source: French TV

“A moral error, and I’m proud.” These were the words chosen by the former director of the IMF and frustrated French presidential candidate, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the public “mea culpa” for his wife and the 13 million French people, glued to the television at 20.09 yesterday, the TF1 listened through. It was his first television interview after his case fell alleged rape to a hotel maid in New York. And probably the last. DSK, as he is called in France, and Anne Sinclair, his wife, fled to his home in Marrakech to recover, relax and reconnect with his family, after he resigned yesterday to “be a candidate for nothing” in French politics and have passed your test airy television.

Four months after his arrest at the airport in New York and absolute media silence, Strauss-Kahn decided to break in front of Claire Chazal, the TF1 news anchor. With an elegant style, she did all the questions without being confrontational or offensive. The blonde Claire is an old friend of Anne Sinclair, when they worked together in the 80’s, during the government of Francois Mitterrand. He said the entire story told by the maid Nafissatou Diallo “was a lie” and that there was no process because all charges were dropped. But did not rule or “trap” or a “plot”, without identifying the authors.

When the camera focused on the study, Strauss-Kahn seemed a sphinx Mitterrand: bleak, tense, dressed in blue suit and blue tie deeper. Chazal launched its first question: “You have not given his version of events. Can you tell us tonight what happened that May 14? “. DSK showed not only that he had rehearsed his answers with his team of communication, but could not hide his anger at himself for being in front of such uncomfortable situation: “Many people have expressed about this affair, but me,” began DSK. “I am happy to express myself.

That has happened does not include no violence, no obligation, or assault or any criminal act. It is the prosecutor who says it, not me, “he said, showing the opinion of the prosecutor in New York. Then he looked directly at the camera: “This has happened is a mistake.

An error in the face of my wife, my children, my friends, but also a lack of face to the French. From this point of view, I missed my meeting with the French”, he said.

With respect to the incident at the hotel, said: “It is not a weakness. It is morally wrong and I’m not proud. I think that I will never regret finish. I paid heavily, I’ll pay forever “, he continued.

The most moving words were for Sinclair, his stalwart companion and essential financial support in recent months. “A remarkable woman. I would not have survived without it. I’ve done wrong. She would not have stood in this way if from the first second I had not known I was innocent. ” When Chazal insisted on trends with women, DSK said: “After four months, I pondered a lot. This lightness I lost forever. “

Strauss-Kahn gave no details of what exactly happened at the Sofitel hotel suite with the maid. It merely states that the official “no violence. They said that I wanted to flee, when I went to lunch with my daughter. They said there were traces of aggression materials. The prosecutor’s report has shown that there was none. “

Wives in your back and the famous walk of the wicked that horrified the French in American detention was also discussed. “I was afraid, very afraid.

I was dragged, humiliated, even before a word. In this affair I lost a lot”, he said.

If a sensation was evident in the TV studio was that the hardest burden for DSK is public humiliation, the finger, walk down the street and to take pictures for the wrong reasons and not for being the favorite presidential candidate in France. When asked if Chazal had given up his political career, after he admitted he had wanted to run for president of France, DSK was on the verge of breaking.

“I’m not running for anything. I want to rest, find mine. I will reflect. We’ll see”, he said.

DSK not say who is retiring from politics. Everything depends on the depth of the economic crisis and to be called when needed.


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