Google add Google Translator Kit for Automated Translation

Google Translator Kit

Google Translator Kit

Google has launched a tool set for aiding the mass translation of documents. Called Google Translator Kit (Techcrunch review here) it adds a human dimension to the already pretty awesome computerised translation available for free among other things through Gmail. In a nutshell the Translator Kit allow people to upload a document (or add a URL) and then in a pane it displays the original, the machine translated version and a search results list showing exact or partial matches to particular phrases from the search index. This way would-be translators can improve on the translation and upload again. Brilliant!

2 Responses

  1. To ensure accurately translated documents especially for sensitive document like legal documents, there is a need to have the work done with a professional document translation company.

  2. Bernard says:

    I wouldn’t call the current computer translation awesome, since it’s far from being quality. I do agree the human editing tool is brilliant. Translations should still be done by humans, unless it’s not used for important purposes. There are solutions like for that kind of translation jobs (I’m not affiliated with it) or professional translation agencies.

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