Google+ App for iPhone Already Having Crash IssuesMaybe Google rushed out the iPhone application for Google+, or perhaps users have been having some bad luck, but there has been a lot of noise in the last 30 minutes on the various social networks since the iPhone application was released. Apparently the application has been crashing for many.

Even some stars are complaining about the application already. Actress Alyssa Milano posted the following just moments ago:

iPhone app crashed twice in the 10 minutes I’ve been on it. Hmmmm. Back to twitter!

Social Media Guru Robert Scoble also has complained about the application just about 45 minutes after it’s release, saying:

Sorry Google, the new iPhone app is a mess.

Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

1. It doesn’t keep me logged in. Even though I had told it to. Oh, wait, now it is.
2. I don’t see a way to upload a photo, like the Android app has. Nevermind, I found that, you have to click on the photos app where the camera icon is very small.
3. It frequently freezes on me.
4. It has crashed twice so far. UPDATE: Six times.
5. No way to share.

This is in just 15 minutes of testing. Anyone else seeing other issues?

As with any new release, there are also positive comments out there as well. Google will likely get to the bottom of any issues, which are possibly caused by the shear volume of people suddenly using the application. Google pushed out an updated Android application within a week or so of it’s initial release, and are said to already be working on the next update. I’m sure things will be remedied fairly quickly with the iPhone app if there are issues.

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