Google VS Bing Who Faster…?



In the year 2009, the Microsoft company issued the latest innovations in the field of search engines, search engine name is Bing. On 1 June 2009, you want to use the services of Bing can use. Today I also have the ability to prove Bing. But for all the world use Bing will officially launched on 3 June 2009 and you can look video bing.
Bing set of search results into categories, so if you want to search the home category, health, education, travel, fashion, shopping. To promote Bing, Microsoft company issued a fund of $ 80 million – $ 100 million.
Bing, who attended with a refreshing view, the search engine you can see the web, images, news and more. To sign in, then you can see in the upper right-hand corner. When you are signed in, then on the right side, you will get the related searches from the category you enter. We wait for other surprises that will be Microsoft.

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