Greenpeace Argentina manager arrested for blocking access to mines Barrick Gold

Eugenia Testa Director of Greenpeace Argentina

Eugenia Testa Director of Greenpeace Argentina

The director of Greenpeace Argentina, Eugenia Testa, was arrested today in northwest of Argentina where the environmental group blocked access to two mines in Canada’s Barrick Gold to demand implementation of a Glacier Protection Act, the organization reported.

By order of the Court of the province of San Juan, police arrested and intimidated Testa fifty evict Greenpeace activists involved in the protest.

Testa is accused of violating the penal code of the province, which punishes those who hinder public transport, police sources stated.

Greenpeace on Tuesday held two camps at the entrances to the mines of Veladero and Pascua Lama, in the province of San Juan, some 1,120 miles northwest of Buenos Aires.

Greenpeace claim the enforcement of protection of glaciers, which prohibits mining in areas with ice fields.

The rule was adopted last year by Parliament, but its execution is suspended for precautionary measures, as presented by the government of San Juan, pending a Supreme Court decision.

The campaigns director of Greenpeace in Argentina, Juan Carlos Villalonga, reported that “Barrick is the main promoter of the protections that are now blocking the effect of the Law of Glaciers” and considered that the Government “is an excuse for not regulating them or apply “the standard.

The Canadian company said in a statement that “meets and enforced fully with all applicable laws and industry and environmental approvals necessary for the development of their activities.”

Greenpeace accused the company of not “following the law” and block access to mines “in disregard of the most basic constitutional rights of every citizen.”

“Barrick rejects attitudes like those of the NGO, because forcibly prevent the development of a lawful and authorized activities such as ours. Barrick is willing to listen to all opinions, provided they are channeled within a framework of peace and respect rule of law, “the company said.

He added that their activities “have no place on glaciers” and reaffirmed that their holdings are made “in a sustainable manner and in harmony with the environment.”


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