Halloween : The Symbols

Black Cats– Black cats originated with the belief that witches kept an ‘imp’ or demonic spirit to serve them in their magic. All black animals, not just cats, were seen as a bad omen. Black Cats

Pumpkins– Originally, the Jack-O-Lanterns were carved in Turnips, being that Pumpkins are indigenous to America. There is a story of Jack of the Lantern, where a man named Jack tricks the devil and ends up spending eternity walking the earth with only a coal form the pits of Hell to light his way. The belief of the jack-o-lantern is that the scary faces will ward off and confuse evil spirits.

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Ghosts on Halloween– According to the Celtic calendar, October 31 belongs to neither the old year or to the year ahead, thereby allowing the Veil between mortals and the dead to thin. Thus, allowing ghosts and spirits to walk among us. These can be both good or bad ghosts.Ghosts on Halloween

Tarot reading and other divination practices– Being the Veil between the worlds is thinnest, what better time to ask the spirits for their guidance?

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Bobbing for apples was one of many games traditionally was a fertility game. Apples are symbolic of love and fertility. The first person to bite the apple will be the first to marry.

Trick or treating is nothing that it was originally. Originally, begging for soul cakes or other food on All Hallow’s Eve. Dressing up in costumes were to confuse or placate the spirits.Years ago, if you didn’t give the treat, the trick-or-treater would play a trick such as soaping windows or spreading toilette paper on your lawn.

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