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hawaiian flower tattoo designs

Tattoos are permanent body art that are becoming increasingly popular among girls. The tattoo design is a common dilemma, especially for first-timers.

A good way to test if a tattoo is or is not for you is to begin with a small and simple design like a heart, a butterfly or a star.

These cute tattoo designs are attractive and beautiful that most girls and/or newbies go for them.

Heart, butterfly and star tattoos not only look very feminine, they are wonderfully symbolic as well.

The heart, which is a symbol of the females, is commonly used as an expression of love and romance. A butterfly represents transformation or change and rebirth.

A star can be taken to symbolize truth, spirit and hope.

A detailed and intricate look might not be appropriate for small designs like these.

They are best kept simple and clean. The clearer it is, the more beautiful it looks.

Small heart, butterfly and star designs are usually inked on the lower back, wrist, back of neck or ear, ankle and foot.

Small tattoo designs are less painful when done. Moreover, they are inexpensive.

It is important to remember to go to a reputable tattoo studio and have your tattoo done by a reliable tattoo artist.

You have to make sure that you will go through the proper tattooing process to prevent infections and other undesirable results.

Make sure your tattoo, whether it’s your first or your sixth one, will make you feel proud and pretty.

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