How to copy Text from images

How many times you have felt the need to copy text from images ? I am sure wont be less then ten times. Most of the time, when we require the Text part from images we just start typing the whole Text part by referring to the image. This seems to be only option we have.

But guess what if its whole scanned document do you think of typing whole document as viable solution? if not then here good freeware application JOCR which enables you to capture the image on the screen and convert the captured image to text.

JOCR is useful tool to revive the protected files whose text can not be copied. JOCR enables you to copy text from any files and images on the screen such as protected Web pages, PDF files, error messages. The program offers several capture modes.

Screenshot of JOCR Image Capture and Character Recognition Tool

JOCR Image Capture and Character Recognition Tool

JOCR requires Microsoft Office 2003 or higher version. If JCOR does not work, please manually install “Microsoft Office Document Imaging” (MODI) that is included in the setup file of Microsoft Office. You can find MODI under “Office Tools” of the setup file.

Download JOCR Image Capture and Character Recognition Tool

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  1. Konas says:

    Wow. I prefer though GT Text 
    I copies text from any image but also you select in what language you want and even scan
    the document or paste it from the clipboard.
    I love it. I think it is using google engine in the background.

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