How to reset the password of a CISCO router

I took over a metropolitan network of the province of Córdoba, and is the former administrator change the password of the 5 router that has the company.

Cisco did not give me the support, so I had to resort to forums in Germany. A user claimed to be the solution, but gave me a fee.

The emergence of the case, not knowing it was configured as network routing, led me to pay.

While waiting for the mail, I found the solution in a Russian page … which almost coincided with what page.

Well, never again to let them suffer the same right solution.

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  1. Connect to console port
  2. Use the power switch to power cycle the router.
  3. Issue the break sequence within 60 seconds of power up to put the router into ROMmon.
  4. Type “confreg 0×2142” at the rommon 1> prompt. (This changes the default configuration register and causes the router to bypass the startup configuration where the forgotten enable password is stored.The configuration register is usually set to 0×2102 or 0×102)
  5. Type no after each setup question, or press Ctrl-C to skip the initial setup procedure.
  6. Router> enable
  7. Router#copy start run
  8. Now, change the passwords and give no shutdown commands to interfaces
  9. R1(config)# config-register 0×2102 (To make the startup configuration effective while next booting)


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