It’s a pretty simple process, just need to edit three files. For those who don’t know Unity-2D uses qt to draw it. So all we need to do is change a few values in the qml files.
Unity-2D lives here: /usr/share/unity-2d. The three files we are going to edit are:

Find the line that looks like this:
LauncherLoader {
id: launcherLoader
anchors.bottom: parent.bottom
width: 65 <– Change this.
I used 50.

The first one is optional:
Item {
id: iconTile

property bool activeFocus: false
property bool backgroundFromIcon: true <– set to false to stop the tile from pulling colours from the icon.
property alias source: icon.source
property alias backgroundOpacity: tileBackground.opacity
Then find this:
Image {
id: icon
objectName: “icon”
anchors.centerIn: parent
smooth: true

sourceSize.width: 48 <– I used
sourceSize.height: 48 <– 32.

Find this:
/* The spacing is explicitly set in order to compensate
the space added by selectionOutline and round_corner_54x54.png. */
spacing: -7

property int tileSize: 54 <– controls tile size, I used 40

/* selectionOutline tile size, so AutoScrollingList view can calculate
the right height. */
property int selectionOutlineSize: 65 <– controls spacing, I used 48

That’s it. The rest is fiddling with png’s to get the look you want. For example; The background fill looks bad with a monochrome icon theme, so I hollowed out the background image with gimp. If you want to change the start button it’s in the unity/5 folder it’s called launcher_bfb.png.

These are system files your messing with, so be sure to backup the entire directory before you start. Also backup when your done, any unity updates will overwrite your changes. These changes WILL apply to all users. And of course I’m not responsible if you break your system. You can keep the pieces thou

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