Howto for Bash

Bash scripting is one of the best ways to fully unlock the power of a unix/linux computer. Bash scripting gives you the opportunity to combine many commands into one script and even allows for some programming. Below is a collection of the very best Bash Scripting Tutorials on the net.

1. Bash Script Tutorial
2. Mendel Cooper’s Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
3. Mike G’s Bash Programming Introduction
4. Steve Parker’s Unix/Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial
5. Vivek Gite LSST
6. IBM’s Bash By Example
7. The Geek Stuff – 5 Practical Examples
8. Going Linux – Shell Scripting Tutorials
9. USALUG – Bash Script Beginner Tutorial
10. jbsnake’s Intermediate Bash Script Tutorial
11. – Writing a Simple Bash Script
12. HypeXR’s Getting Started With Bash
13. SiteGround – Advanced Bash Loops
14. Conditions in Bash Scripting
15. Lutus’ Bash Shell Programming in Linux
16. Advanced Bash Environment Variables
17. GNU Universal Bash Reference Guide
+1: Bash Pitfalls…How NOT to write Bash Scripts

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