Ident2 Daemon for Debian

In some cases certain online protocols like IRC chat or FTP servers may require a proper ident response from the connecting client. While IRC and FTP clients for Windows often provide their own ident server, Linux users need to rely on a daemon replying to ident requests. Here is a quick guide how to install and setup ident2 for Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Install ident2:

sudo apt-get install ident2

Edit /etc/inetd.conf with your editor of choice and change the relevant section to your actual user name:

#:INFO: Info services
ident stream tcp nowait yourusername /usr/sbin/ident2 ident2 -i -n

Create a file called “.ident” in your user’s home directory and place desired ident respone in it. The content of ~/.ident.conf needs to look like this:

ident yourdesiredidentresponse

Ident is listening on port 113, so make sure your router is forwarding it accordingly.

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