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This is a post for sharing things I like in linux. This can be any feature, usage tip, configuration or piece of software I enjoy. Goal of the post is to share ideas and help others enjoy things you enjoy as well. I like:


It can easily be configured to be as friendly as fish with manjaro-zsh-config or zim.

Awesome tab completion, autosuggestion, history substring search, syntax highlighting, autocd… And it’s syntax is compatible with bash, so even complex one liners you might find online work.

It makes using command line easy and fun. You can even learn pacman usage Through its tab completion.

For example, gnome shell search. You just press super, type one or two letters and it already knows where to take you. Similar to this is dmenu-extended, and my favourite, is rofi.

Window switcher, application launcher, run dialog, file search and web search integrated into one. I hear krunner can do something similar too.

Tiling window managers.

Gnome and plasma have nice tiling extensions, i3 is nice. My favorite is bspwm. Uses about 0,5Mb ram itself and full desktop built around it weighs under 120Mb.

It gives you perfect control over the window layout with minimal effort, but if you don’t micromanage it, it still produces sane layout.

And you can script it to do just about anything very easily. It can even emulate other tilers like i3 or euclidwm. And you can control it easily with either mouse or keyboard. It just doesn’t get in your way in any way.

Launching live isos

With custom grub entries instead of burning USB sticks. Performs much faster, let’s you preset language and keymap beforehand without messing with menus. And you don’t need external devices. Awesome for testing new isos and for system rescue.

Filter by typing type of things.

Rofi, dmenu, fzf. Pacui is an excellent example of good usage of fzf.

Polo filemanager has good Select-by-typing functionality. Ranger has filter by pressing zf and filter navigation by pressing f. These things make me happy. Good for browsing large lists or applying bulk actions.

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