Install Vanilla Arch Linux Graphically

In these times, having to install a GNU/Linux distribution through the terminal is for the most advanced, users who want to have Arch Linux installed on their machines or who are simply too lazy to start over with the entire installation process opt by alternatives such as Manjaro or Endeavouros , and although in its latest versions Arch Linux has introduced an installation script, archinstall , it is not the friendliest thing to say.

If you want to have a version vanillayou have to use the terminal, or not.

There are several projects that allow you to have an vanillaArch Linux installation in a graphical way, specifically today I propose that you try Arch Linux Gui (ALG).

ALG is a project that provides you with 12 versions divided into three categories, all of them support LUKS encryption

  • Themed Editions (Total 5 – Plasma, Gnome, Cinnamon, Xfce, Mate)
  • Pure Editions (Total 5 – Plasma, Gnome, Cinnamon, Xfce, Mate)
  • Window Managers (Total 2 atm – i3WM, BSPWM)
Install Vanilla Arch Linux Graphically

All versions come with a graphical installer and their website has several tutorials to learn more about each version.

Themed Editions (User level: Beginner, new to Linux)

Theme editions come with all the basic setup to help users not only install Vanilla Arch Linux, but also get up and running as soon as possible, just like they would with any beginner distro.

These editions come with various applications and predefined configurations. Some of its features:

  • Latest NVIDIA GPU support
  • Dark theme for the entire system (including Firefox web browser)
  • Office Suite with MS font support
  • Media Player (VLC)
  • Paru, an AUR helper (along with base-devel, linux-headers, and pacman-contrib)
  • Media player
  • Printing support via CUPS
  • Bluetooth support with GUI (blueberry, blueman, bluedevil, gnome-bluetooth, depending on DE)
  • Basic system utilities like calculator, screenshot tool, file explorer, terminal, etc.

Pure Editios (User level: intermediate, some experience with Linux)

They are basically standard desktop environments. They are intended for users who have some experience with Linux or other Linux distributions and who now want to migrate to Arch Linux .

They do not come with any extra apps. The applications and settings to be applied are entirely up to the users.

This is the purest form of Vanilla Arch Linux .

Pure editions come with this software pre-installed:

  • File Browser
  • Text editor
  • terminal emulator
  • screenshot utility

Window managers (User level: intermediate to advanced)

Edition intended for developers, system administrators or users with experience in Linux desktop environments, who want a keyboard-oriented operating system

It provides users with a small base, this base is already provided by desktop environments.

I hope you liked it, have a great day.

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