Kamchatka is a peninsula located in Siberia, eastern Russia and into the Pacific Ocean. It has an area of 472,300 km ² and a population of 402,500 inhabitants, most Russians the indigenous people of the Koryak .

His part volcanic, with 160 volcanoes, of which 29 are active, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Kronotsky the impressive volcano and the Valley of the Geysers, with 20 large geysers and 200 hot springs are two of its major attractions.
Kamchatka also has a large number of plant and animal species, the result of the wide variety of climates that exist in the area. The brown bear is the most representative, because of the abundance and size of populations of this mammal.
This is a rather blank but there are several travel agencies organize trekking in the Biosphere Reserve Kronotsky. The possibility of seeing a spectacular natural landscape and learn more rural Russia, makes it an attractive destination. As you can see from the pictures, it really is a place that is not lost ..

Kamchatka Photo by A. Царенко
Kamchatka Photo by A. Царенко
Kamchatka Photo by A. Царенко
Kamchatka Photo by A FDA

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