KDE Gear 21.12, last update of the year for KDE applications

KDE Gear 21.12 is the third and last version of the year of the set of applications maintained by the KDE project and that can be enjoyed both in the KDE Plasma environment, and beyond in a totally independent way, not in vain it includes some of the most Powerful in its class for the Linux desktop.

As we already told you, KDE Gear is the new name of what until the beginning of the year we knew as  KDE Applications  and even there the external changes, since internally we are facing the same launch as always … which has nothing wrong, Quite the contrary: each version of the KDE Applications Gear brings joy in the form of new features and functions for KDE applications, and sometimes even new applications.

So far in 2021, KDE Gear 21.04  and  KDE Gear 21.08 have been released   and now KDE Gear 21.12 arrives, as in the previous versions, with hardly any surprises as far as protagonists are concerned, but with enough juice so that users Staunch of the environment welcome the update with enthusiasm.

KDE Gear 21.12, what’s new

Summing up what’s new in KDE Gear 21.12, first we have the Dolphin file manager  , one of the most powerful pieces of KDE software. However, the release notes are somewhat confusing about this and mention among the changes that the application receives some filtering capabilities (Ctrl + i) in the details view that already existed.

It is not the only novelty that comes to Dolphin in KDE Gear 21.12: the option to sort hidden files and folders last, the preview of comic files with a .cbz extension in WEBP format and various performance and stability improvements are added to the previous ones, so even in the absence of clarifying the first one that has been mentioned, the scale is not bad.

New in KDE Gear 21.12?
New in KDE Gear 21.12?

Another application that receives improvements in KDE Gear 21.12 is the Spectacle screen  capturer , which revamps its interface to simplify the use of its numerous options, corrects the results of screen captures that allow the use of 10-bit color per channel, and gradually equates the functions offered in X11 for Wayland, counting as new the capture of the active window in this last configuration.

The Kdenlive video editor   is one of those environment-independent KDE applications and its development is going full steam ahead, so wait for the release notes dedicated to this version. However, the incorporation of functions such as the suppression of background noise, new video effects and more specific news of an application that has been climbing positions in its category for years is anticipated.

Next on the list of featured applications for KDE Gear 21.12 is  Konsole , the terminal emulator for KDE Plasma. Among its novelties is the polishing of its new toolbar, redesigned in recent versions of the application. However, the most notable improvement is the SSH manager, whose interface is integrated into a side panel for easy access.

New panel to manage SSH connections
New panel to manage SSH connections

Other applications that receive improvement in KDE Gear 21.12 are the Elisa music player, the Gwenview image viewer, the KDE Connect Android integration utility, the Kate code editor, the Akregator RSS reader, the Skanlite scan tool … In general, the news in all these applications are minor, but they add up to all the accumulated and, needless to say, everything is better than ever.

For more information, the  official announcement of KDE Gear 21.12

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