Kirchner: He died at his law as lived

Nestor Kirchner - Deceased former president of the nation - with his wife Cristina Fernandez - Current President of Argentina

Nestor Kirchner - Deceased former president of the nation - with his wife Cristina Fernandez - Current President of Argentina

Death, always surprises and scares. The Nestor Kirchner broke out in the vacuum of a holiday, pending the arrival of the census taker and phones that did not stop ringing. Death scares others because we face the specter of death itself. This morning we learned, again, we are not immortal. The thought is unbearable, so let’s forget it quickly. Power can not even defend it. Nestor Kirchner was lucky: he died in his law and in El Calafate, its place in the world. Doctors diagnosed with “sudden death”. Sudden, hasty, impetuous and violent in the works or words, diagnoses the dictionary. Had, Nestor Kirchner, a death which coincided with his life.
“Recently, the sensitive and paranoid,” said Jessica in the chat. Jessica covers government for my television program.
“He died without anyone know-long Luciana, earlier, just heard the news. Luciana talked and talked, and I thought that death pushes us over the silences that Luciana was afraid he was talking.
“You know that he was their friend,” continued Luciana mentioning his conversation with a source. Well, I was very bad, crying, and says: “It’s a guy who had nothing, he kept everything inside. But he suffered a lot. This level of aggressiveness was what killed him.”
I heard that several times throughout the day, Kirchner was murdered by his personality.
Nestor Kirchner has died and the past, now became a story: the greed that pushed him over the edge will be greed or generous, according to the story and who writes.
I just saw on the news, someone painted a canvas rushed says “Nestor Lives”, and hung on the fence that separates the middle of the Plaza de Mayo in Government House. Before I knew that there were those who played horn in the street in a miserable attitude of cJournalistelebration. No one can be proud of their hatred, if you have it. Hate is a meanness of spirit. Then I remembered that painted “Viva cancer” during the agony of Eva Peron, Argentina nightmares of a hopefully has been forever ago.
Nestor Kirchner has died. May his soul rest in peace.

Will there kirchnerismo? If there is, from today will be put to the test: take the first steps without his inspiring. And if there is, what Kirchner is it? “From de Moreno or the Scioli? Will Kunkel or Bonafini? Will you have enough discipline to organize in the absence of its leader or will become for many is the time for bills? “The Baldwin will be sown winds? A vice president with a divided Peronist opposition and a year before the elections: the forbidden word is Isabel. There is no possible doubt about the continuity, let alone on a coup, but the forbidden word refers to the power vacuum or temperamental overflow personal injuries. The other word is balance.
Cristina “need help? There will be more willing to give the bear hug. Upon whom support the government beyond itself? Julio De Vido has health problems and just lost a son a little over a month. Aníbal Fernández radial is a good swordsman, the son of James a lousy diplomat, Hugo Moyano the enemy at home. Solitude is dangerous and second-line companies have interests. Cristina shall, in the coming months, many decisions: she is the person that will stand on his back the fate of thel kirchnerismo.

Jorge Lanata, Journalist

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