Light at the end of the tunnel: Pandemic – Photogallery 01/31/2021

The idea of this series of posts is to show through photos collected from various newspapers how the Sarsars-cov-2 pandemic is affecting our societies and our lives.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Egyptian Amy Ezzat prepares a “Coronavirus Vaccine” cake to say, “Bye Bye Corona.” She wants to distribute the symbolic candy to COVID patients at a Cairo hospital. Although vaccination campaigns are progressing very slowly in different places, vaccines are currently the only hope for many.

Cult vaccination

In times of closed churches, there is plenty of room in places of worship. Lichfield Cathedral in the UK quickly became a vaccination center. In Britain, unlike the EU, there is no shortage of vaccines, so vaccination has not been interrupted.

Different concert

While many other events are only held digitally, the Flaming Lips have come up with something special for their fans: In Oklahoma City, rock musicians gave a concert using inflatable plastic balls. So that visitors could listen to their music without fear of the coronavirus. Vocalist Wayne Coyne even rolled over the audience on his own ball.

Family pain

Kelvia Goncalves, 16, cries uninhibitedly at the grave of her mother, Andrea dos Reis Brasao, in Manaus. Brazilian, only 39 years old, is one of the many victims of COVID-19 in the Brazilian city, where oxygen is scarce for those affected. More and more Brazilians are blaming far-right President Jair Bolsonaro for the catastrophic conditions in the country.

Also on the beach

In Australia, many people seek to cool off in the sea, in view of the summer temperatures. So that crowded beaches do not cause a renewed increase in infections, the signs remind that social distancing is also necessary in the sun, on the beach. There have been very few new infections in Australia since late September.

Despair in South Africa

South Africa is the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic on the African continent. This patient from a hospital near Cape Town is one of 1.4 million infected so far. A new variant of the virus, also known as B.1.351 or 501Y.V2, is of particular concern. Similar to the British mutation, the South African mutation is said to be many times more.


Hypochlorite is sprayed in a red zone area of Ajithsingh Nagar in Vijayawada.

Exactly a year after SARS-CoV-2 reached the shores of Kerala, when the virus was first detected in a student from Wuhan, Kerala has come full circle. It now finds itself in the spotlight again: this time it has the highest case pool of active COVID-19 cases in the country. Kerala’s graph is steadily climbing, while it is going down in the rest of the country.

Kerala’s brush with Nipah was what initially shaped its response to the coronavirus. Though the nature of both was entirely different, the public was well-oriented towards masking, isolation, contact tracing and quarantine when these suddenly became the imperatives against COVID. In fact, much of Kerala’s successes in COVID containment were led by an aware and vigilant public, local bodies and the police, rather than the Health Department of India.

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