Linux 4.7 will have security features of Chrome OS

Very recently we have available the latest Linux kernel. But Linus Torvalds and his team are already working on Linux 4.7, the next kernel team. At the moment we know little about Linux 4.7 but how little we know is already interesting.


Apparently this new version will have a new security feature that has been ported of Chrome OS, a security feature called LoadPin. This new version will be interesting for the field of security, since LoadPin avoid loading modules and that affects the integrity of the kernel.

LoadPin is an interesting feature that will Linux 4.7 and that will not only full confidence modules  in the kernel to load, but once loaded not be loaded more modules or simply restrict loading modules so that no “sneaking “new modules in the system.

LoadPin comes from Chrome OS but is an interesting feature for many, but especially for the business environment that will allow the kernel safer with this new feature, because it will not allow dubious code modules that add meaningless.

The current intention of the team is to improve the kernel Linus and therefore LoadPin is a great security tool. But not the only innovation in Linux 4.7, but unfortunately I do not know the new tools to be integrated into Linux 4.7.

Personally I find interesting LoadPin and wonder because the team did not include this function in the Kernel 4.6 or earlier versions. In any case it is clear that the more free software projects exist, more profit is the end user

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