Linux Mint a Secure and Stable Distro With Extended Support New Features and Faster

About six months ago, when we talked about the new Linux Mint 19 “Tara” had a release date, we said that many might want to wait for this distro instead of using the new Ubuntu, and the reason is simple: stability .

While Linux Mint is still based on Ubuntu, and this time in the extended support version (you will receive security updates until 2023), the news and changes it introduces are improvements on a stable and robust base that has been doing well for years.

Ubuntu, on the other hand, is undergoing a skin change that, no matter how exciting it may be, is not without its disadvantages for those who are looking for something better known.

Linux Mint 19 - Software Manager

Linux Mint 19 comes with a new welcome screen, redesigned software center with support for Flatpak, better support for HiDPI, improvements in various system apps, new wallpapers, updated versions of MATE and Cinnamon that depend on the version you choose.

The Timeshift of Linux Mint

But, this update revolves around a central axis: Timeshift.

This function was presented with Linux Mint 18.3 but now, as the development team of the distro explains, “it is the center of the Linux Mint update and communication strategy”.

Thanks to Timeshift the user can “go back in time”, that is, you can return your computer to a previous state using the last functional image of the system, this in case something breaks or goes badly.

For Linux Mint this means a breakthrough, since it simplifies the maintenance of the PC, since in case of a critical regression, you can restore an image of the system that cancels these effects, and then you have the possibility to apply updates selectively.

If something breaks in your installation of Linux Mint, Timeshift will always have a perfect image of the system to restore and solve problems

In addition, Linux Mint creates these images or “snapshots” of the system automatically and safely, all to try to ensure greater stability.

This is also taken into account by the update manager, who now suggests all the available ones because they can afford it, and automatic updates are no longer limited to advanced users.

LinuxMint 19 is based on Ubuntu. You can download any of its editions with Cinnamon, MATE or Xfce of 32 or 64 bits.

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