Microsoft despises Google Buzz

We all know the boom that caused google, google announcing the buzz a couple of days ago. A completely unexpected product, which was incorporated in all gmail accounts. Given the apparent fail a wave of google, is a move that certainly did not expect. Mainly by not having read the rumors about the new service. (is that had?). And is that when incorporated into Gmail accounts, Google Buzz, a product becomes extremely comfortable. Personally, I find this an interesting product.

Yahoo! For its part, considers it a clone of its own service Y! buzz, but I can guarantee that Y! Buzz, do not have the convenience of Google Buzz, and is that including such a feature added in the gmail account was an excellent move. Microsoft reactions were swift, dismissed the service as “a social network”.
Google Buzz
The Microsoft case is special because it is threatened on several fronts and the usual fight with Google in Internet investor sum being Facebook.

The fear of microsoft is logical to address the enhancement it makes to the already excellent mail client Gmail and other Google tools and third companies, on an open platform compatible with Picasa, Reader, YouTube, Flickr, Blogger Twitter, and will be extended to other applications through an API.

By not being included in Google Buzz, we can assume that Facebook is the enemy to beat, and its relationship with Microsoft is clear. Only time will tell what the future holds the newborn google buzz.

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