Migrating from Ubuntu 11.04 to Fedora 15

I decided to leave Ubuntu Linux distribution.

I think the version of Canonical Ldta. is no longer effective distribution. His latest version of 11.04 am disappointed with their poor performance. I also have encountered major obstacles to recompile the kernel and Gnome 3 to make it optimal.

The large amount of memory needed and the large amount of CPU resource utilization leads me to decide to delete it from my notebook.

In contrast I’ve been testing Fedora 14 and the beta of Fedora 15 and the truth is that it is worthy to try it on my notebook.

So I have to my Debian server and on my desk I will make Fedora 14, as the newly launched version 15 today. A take some time and fix the bugs, which are normal in the launch, update it to Fedora 15.

One of the problems I encountered and had to call a friend to help me was to migrate my Thunderbird settings. Here I leave the tips and steps followed.

Backup email and account profiles in Thunderbird

You need to backup thunderbird mail and profile to a /backup directory:
# tar zcvf /backup/email-carlos.tar.gz /home/carlos/.thunderbird/

You can copy /backup/email-carlos.tar.gz file to a CD/DVD or USB pen.

Task: Restore Thunderbird mail and profile

Make sure Thunderbird is not running. Simply copy backup files from tape, USB pen or CD to your /home/you/.mozilla-thunderbird/ directory:

# tar –zxvf /backup/email-email-carlos.tar.gz -C /home/carlos



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