The need for an application for converting video files is increasing due to the possibilities and convenience that devices like iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad offer.

MKVtools is a free utility to convert a variety of popular formats like mkv or other like avi, mp4, ogm, …

Operation, as in most of these applications is not complicated. At the beginning we’ll just look around a little every one of the sections and options to see what it offers. Anyway we can also make use of presets to simplify things can select the output device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, PS3, XBOX or DVD DivX)

MKVtools in its latest version only works on Intel machines with Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. If you have a PowerPC machine yet and want to use it you will have to rely on previous versions. I recommend you give it a try, is an interesting application, free and very useful options such as removing subtitles for further editing.

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