Ray on a tree
Ray on a tree - Aixcracker (Finland)

The spectacular image of a beam falling on a tree challenges the best special effects and beyond … for real. Something that has earned for more than 530,000 visits.

The flight
The flight - LordV (UK)

The exciting flight of an insect Syritta pipiens has earned the nick reminiscentBritish metalheads to be in this selection.

Beams - Linus Gelber (USA)

The two beams of light replace New York’s twin towers, creating a beautiful skyline and cyberpunk, is the particular homage to the 11-S of the U.S.

In the delta
In the delta - Farla (Vietnam)

The rising tides of the Sea of ​​China and floods are creating a drama for millions of families in the Far East, but they serve to take pictures as nice as this.

Bucolic landscape
Bucolic landscape - Kenyai (Hungary)

This image is the perfect representation of a bucolic landscape. Taken during the Autumn in a Lombard village near the border with Switzerland, invited to make a perfect picnic.

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