New Firefox 20 With the New Download Manager

Mozilla just released the Firefox 20 for all versions of PC, the all new Firefox 20 includes some new features. The new feature includes a latest brand new download manager, expect some new twists it works similar to the old download manager.

You can notice the few changes in the new download manager, such as you will see a new download button next to the Home button and this button gives quick access to the last three downloads. And while downloading you can see the numerical on the download button, actually it is displaying the remaining time during a download, once the download finishes it will change to an arrow.

Mozilla Firefox 20

Mozilla Firefox 20

You can easily access for all your downloads in the library, to do this just click on “Show All Downloads” or simply use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + J for windows and Command + J for Mac. You can also manage your browsing history, tags and bookmarks in the library, where all your downloads will be listed.

In library you will find numerous options for your downloads, like you can start, stop or pause the current downloading file, open containing folders, copy the download link, go to the download page, remove complete download history or individual files from history.



This is all about the new download manager, but if you ever felt uncomfortable with the new download manager and need to go for old download manager, just toggle the preferences in about:config.
To Get Old Download Manager For Firefox

Step 1: First you need to type “about:config” in the address bar.

Step 2: Here, you need to search for “”

Step 3: Once you find it, just toggle the preference from false value to true


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