Nobel Peace Prize and the world

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has received the Nobel Peace prize at a grand ceremony that is developing in the Oslo City Hall.
Obama began his speech by admitting that his accomplishments are minor compared with those obtained by other laureates, including Nelson Mandela, and, recalling that his country maintains two open open conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, said that “war is necessary” to certain threats. “War does have a role in preserving peace,” Obama said.

The truth is that it can be contradictory in the speech and actions.
It is not Obama’s problem is the problem of the presidents of USA.

From the remoteness of Latin America, about these issues, most citizens perceive that these contradictions are true and deep.

We see and feel, that the militarization of USA, is a tool for domination and defending U.S. interests only. With great regret to defend positions in business, even against the wishes of the American people.

In my opinion this award is a gamble to hope that there is a peace process in the world.
Despite knowing and understanding the details behind the scenes insignificant.

We should worry Obama, we should be concerned that we as a civilization beyond the people, an agreement as neighbors and inhabitants of this blessed earth.

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