Nokia launches Nokia Music, a free service for music streaming

Here’s a good news for Lumia 710 and 900 owners, because Nokia launched just yesterday a service for these cellphones, called Nokia Music. Best of all it’s totally free and without any ads.

You can enjoy over than 150 curated playlists available, or if you want choose between millions of songs and make them on your own. Also, you can download these on your device and enjoy them offline without the need of an Internet connection.

Nokia Music features “GIG FINDER”, which locates your current position and pinpoints on the map concert and show in their local area.

To use it you just need to download the Nokia Music App from the Marketplace and start using it without the need of a registration.

Though there is a pretty bad news: it’s available only for USA customers, so users from other continents won’t be able to use it, for now.

Source :  Nokia

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