Now anyone can install Windows 10 S

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Well, except for Windows 10 Home users.

Last week Microsoft released the Windows 10 S disk images for MSDN subscribers, excluding users who would like to try it out.

Including the Windows Insider program.

It’s been a few days for Windows 10 S to be available to anyone who wants to try out a Windows 10 editio.

That only allows them to download and run applications from the Windows Store, including Win32 applications.

Not everyone can actually install Windows 10 S on their computers, at least if they want the license to be activated.

Only Windows 10 Pro, Education, Education or Enterprise users, excluding Windows 10 Home, can do this.

The user can go back to the previous edition of Windows 10 at any time from the Windows Store.

This could happen because Microsoft warns that some drivers might not work or not do it properly.

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