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One week in Photos: Elections in Argentina, Big Ben, Guam and Mike Pence

Primary in Argentina. Victorias de Cambiemos and open final in the Buenos Aires election. The Government triumphs in the key districts and there is parity in the province of Buenos Aires. Lilita Carrió was a hurricane with more than 49.56% in Ciudad de Buenos Aires. According to the government, the provisional counting has ended and there is a technical tie between Esteban Bullrich and Cristina Kirchner.

A white elk crosses a road in Gunnarskog, Sweden. There are only about 100 specimens of this rare species of maple in Sweden. It is not albinism, but a genetic mutation that causes them to have a white coat.


Three Chilean citizens who sought to leave the country by car were absent near the Neuquen locality of Las Lajas on Monday, August 14, 2017 and had to be rescued by Gendarmería Argentina. They ventured without knowing that the international step Pino Hachado was closed due to a strong storm.

Image of Monday, August 14, 2017 show the arrival of golf turtles on the beaches of Escobilla, in Santa Maria Tonameca, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. About 150,000 turtles have deposited 15 million eggs in these beaches during the three days in which the arrival of the specimens has been recorded, reports the National Commission of Protected Areas (Conanp).

Venezuelan soldiers are taking part in an official ceremony presided over by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino on Monday, August 14, 2017, in Caracas. Godfather said that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) does not respond to the US military’s “threat” with comparisons of the combat power of the two countries, but appeals to the “national spirit” to “defend” the country. (EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez)

Hundreds of protesters gather outside Trump Tower on New York’s Fifth Avenue on August 14, 2017, waiting for President Donald Trump to arrive tonight. They protest for their confused and belated response to a serious racist incident that occurred a few days ago with deaths and injuries. (Spencer Platt / Getty Images / AFP)

Mauricio Macri and US Vice President Mike Pence held a joint press conference following the meeting held at the Olivos Residency with concern about the crisis in Venezuela as a preponderant issue. (Maxi Failla / Pool)

About 350 firefighters and soldiers assisted by planes and dozens of trucks fought to contain a large forest fire north of Athens, leaving a smoky haze and ash adrift in much of the capital. (REUTERS, AP and AFP).

Guaam, the tourist island threatened by missiles. “It’s paradise, we have a 95% occupancy but after all this is over we’re going to reach 110%,” said island governor Eddie Calvo. Bathed by the crystalline waters of the Western Pacific, Guam goes unnoticed among tourist promotions. However, the threat of attack by North Korea can serve to boost the industry. (AFP, REUTERS)


View of the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the famous Big Ben clock, in central London, UK. The Big Ben bell will be silent for four years while renovations are under way. The Big Ben is strictly the bell of the great clock, but commonly gives name to the set of the tower and its clock. This campaign weighs 13.7 tons and shows every hour. It is accompanied by four other bells that mark the rooms. (AP)

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