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For a long time I have been using my own RSS server to read the feeds of the different websites that I regularly read, specifically I use FreshRss in a docker container. FreshRss supports connections from different clients through the Fever API.

As a desktop client for reading rss feeds I use the Elfeed package, an RSS feed reader for Emacs .

I recently discovered the elfeed-protocol package which provides additional protocols for RSS readers to work with elfeed , including Fever, NewsBlur, Nextcloud/ownCloud News, Tiny Tiny RSS, and more.

In this way, using the feed-protocol and the Fever API, I can connect the feed with my own FreshRss server and have my articles synchronized on all my devices.

Configuring FreshRSS

We must enable the Fever API on the server, for this in the Configuration menu -> Identification we check Grant access to the API

 Capture of FreshRSS
Spanish Capture of FreshRSS

If you click on the link below where you have entered the password we will check if the API is correctly configure

We copy the address of the Fever API ( https://your.domain.com/api/fever.php )

Configuring Emacs

Emacs configuration is based on use-package, change the values ​​relative to the user and the url address of your domain or IP address of your server if you don’t use a domain.

(use-package elfeed
    ("C-x w" . elfeed))

(use-package elfeed-protocol
    :ensure t
    :demand t
    :after elfeed
    (elfeed-use-curl t)
    (elfeed-set-timeout 36000)
    (elfeed-log-level 'debug)
    (elfeed-feeds (list
		   (list "fever+https://[email protected]"
			 :api-url "https://use[email protected]/api/fever.php"
			 :password "you_password"))))


In the image capture you can see that on the server we have 10 unread articles

Like in the feed

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