Dagorret Notes

Buenos-Aires 03-15-2017

Argentina chain in its miseries

Argentina is undergoing a process of transition towards a more just and developmental society. This is what the Macri government intends. But there is a statistic that hurts, and that it should (rather, should)...

CSS3 3D Transformation Functions

HTML5 & CSS3 Tutorials resources

Here we have come up with another useful collection of HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials & Techniques for you. These tutorials will be very useful for the web developers as their work mainly depends on...

Stunning paintings of bodies

Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary, which means that drawings will not stay forever on the skin and can be washed away. Therefore, body painting works are often unique and plentiful both in terms...

C++ resources

This is a list of books about C ++ that I hope you find useful.

Learn thinkgs!, for free

Learn thinkgs!, for free

I believe in free education, one that’s available to everyone; no matter their race, gender, age, wealth, etc… This post was created for every knowledge hungry individual out there. I hope it will serve...

Andreas Lie: Incredible Double Exposures photography

When Norwegian artist Andreas Lie digitally merges two unique photographs, he is able to create stunning works of art. Lie designs his creations with a double exposure that places captivating scenes from nature within...

Stunning images of mushrooms

A lot of people consider mushrooms the “ugly duckling” of the plant kingdom, but it is a surprising world, full of colors, aromas, and flavors, waiting to be better known and explored.