Matisse’s “Les Poissons Rouges”

Goldfish have been a recurrent theme in Matisse’s art. Born in 1869 in France (d. 1954), Henri Matisse is regarded as one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. A prolific and versatile artist, in his creations he favoured intense and expressive colours, and often depicted intimate or natural scenes. Goldfish in a bowl [...]

Vladimir Kush – is one of the most spectacular artists of our time

Say Kush: I was born in Russia, in small one-storeyed wooden house on the northern edge of Moscow, near the forest-park Sokolniki where in patriarchial times Russian Tsars were engaged in falconry. At the age of 7 he attended art school, while attending regular high school. When I was 17, I took difficult exams and [...]

Malcolm X on John Brown

John Brown was a guerrilla fighter, who worked together with Harriet Tubman, and who fought and died for African American National Liberation. This month is the 150th anniversary of militant white abolotionist John Brown’s armed raid on the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, an important moment in the African American Liberation struggle. To mark the [...]

Photos unusual – rare moments

Denmark a shame – Faroe Islands

As reported, hunting of pilot whales on the Danish Faroe Islands no "reported" threats to the extinction of the species. That's not the point. All this happens year after year in the Faroe Island in Denmark, primarily involved in this slaughter young people to demonstrate that these same young people have already reached an [...]

Human traffic

Is it possible that we as Christians just aren’t angry enough about injustices like human trafficking and slavery? Perhaps, we’ve grown too desensitized, domesticated, and docile. I’m not trying to say this for the sake of the ’shock factor’ but I really believe there are times when the Church needs to have a deep[er] anger [...]

Smallest Countries

The smallest wonders This is an interesting listing of the world's seven smallest independent countries. These are the only countries which contain an area of less than 100 square miles. If we combine the land area of these seven countries, it will be less than 175 square miles. These countries are not only the smallest [...]

The 20 best Linux websites

have compiled a list with the most useful websites about Linux (the distro specific sites are not included). They are great resources you can learn from or to find answer to your linux questions. These should be in any linux user bookmarks, so go ahead and look through these links and bookmark your favorite ones: [...]

Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Offers Large Social, Fiscal Benefits

Early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease could save millions or even billions of dollars while simultaneously improving care, according to new work by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers. Patients with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias are heavy users of long-term care services, especially nursing home care, with estimated annual costs upward of tens of billions [...]

Heart, Butterfly and Star Tattoos – Small and Cute Feminine Tattoo For Girls

by Ken Smithzon Tattoos are permanent body art that are becoming increasingly popular among girls. The tattoo design is a common dilemma, especially for first-timers. A good way to test if a tattoo is or is not for you is to begin with a small and simple design like a heart, a butterfly or a [...]