Puritanism, moralize, censorship and other social network burdens

Let's talk about censorship in social networks, not censorship from governments or other power bodies, but the censorship imposed by the networks themselves through their terms of use, or better I must say, through the interpretation of those terms, because actually they are often so vague and general that leave in the hands of each [...]

Argentine government admits lack of vaccines for children of the official calendar

Some vaccines National Calendar are missing. Parents have to wander through different application centers to get them. What's going on? While Buenos Aires legislator Graciela Ocaña awarded the problem "to the policies of import barriers imposed by the government", the Ministry of Health yesterday issued a statement in which it acknowledged the bottleneck, but attributed [...]

Without education increases poverty

There are different numbers on poverty in my country, Argentina. Unfortunately officers prepared by the INDEC lack credibility in our population. Argentina Catholic University (Social Debt Observatory Argentina) has been preparing periodically since several years ago statistical reports that are reliable for methodological objectivity. In the latest report by the ACU is quantified by 28.7 [...]

Hitler Hospital, one of the scariest places on earth

Germany. He is still standing in Berlin. For the most part it is abandoned and derelict. One of the most chilling parts of the world is in Berlin. Dilapidated and abandoned the Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital was where Adolf Hilter was cured of his wounds. Many now wonder what would have happened if the Beelitz-Heilstätten had not been [...]

Buenos Aires: spectacular views of Buenos Aires from the air photos

A team of Russian photographers travels the world to show it from an unknown perspective: 360 ° capture shots from helicopters. AirPano is a nonprofit project focused on spherical panoramas bird's eye view high resolution. AirPano has photographed more than two hundred places of our planet. There are about two thousand panoramic 360 ° on [...]

Japan: tribute to the victims of the atomic bomb

Today August 5, 2015 a procession was held in tribute to the victims of the atomic bomb in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima.

Diving within our brains

Humans have managed to a probe launched from Earth land, after a journey of 6,000 million kilometers through space on a comet crosses the solar system 135.000 mph. However, that same human being is incapable of understanding his own brain. The organ that weighs 1.5 kg we have in the head is a complete stranger. [...]

Cuba has become the world’s first country to end the transmission

The World Health Organization hailed what it called ‘one of the greatest public health achievements possible’, adding that it was ‘an important step towards having an Aids-free generation’. Elimination of transmission is defined by the group as a reduction to such a low level that it is no longer a public health problem. UNAids executive [...]

Animals in state of shock

This week I encountered with 2 photos of animals in a state of shock. My daughter sent me via Whatsapp another image of an elephant,  and a friend shared  many other by mailing list. The surprise is a reflection of the unexpected. Maybe of thing or events that potentially knows what will happen, but that [...]

Monsanto in Planet Forward Summit

Michael Frank, the Vice President of Monsanto a company that uses a controversial Genetically Modified seed to grow their products, sat down at the Planet Forward Summit for an interview with founder and host of the conference Frank Sesno. The two went back and forth while many in the crowd felt that some of the [...]