PM Abbott’s ‘Promises Delivered’ Video Banned By YouTube For “Deceptive Content”, His Channel Suspended

In the world of Social Media Fails, and in politics there has been plenty, it’s pretty hard to top this.

Here’s what happened.

The Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, posts a video to YouTube boasting of how “we’ve delivered on our promises” and spends a lot of the time pretty much calm-ranting about “illegal” asylum seekers.

YouTube decides the video is “deceptive content” and blocks anyone from viewing it. For hours, the boast about ‘promises delivered’ and YouTube’s denial sits there on the linked video right on PM Abbott’s Twitter feed, while the below image is tweeted and Facebooked across the planet, to much amusement and mockery.

Is YouTube calling PM Abbott a liar for claiming he’s delivered on his promises, or did they can the vid because in the vid he called aslyum seekers “illegals” when international law decrees they are most certainly not?

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