mobile anonymousPeople, listen up. The mobile phone is on the fast track to surpassing the PC. Facebook, the leader in social, mobile users already had more Web users than last quarter and taking a look at the world ‘s most valuable tech company, Apple, it is clear That people want more mobile devices than computers.

While we all have a mobile device in our pocket, in some cases That is just as, if not more powerful than a computer was just a few years ago, mobile device security of That is not where it should be.

Generally speaking, mobile is following in the footsteps of the Web in almost every area. Whether it is for content consumption, or generating content, mobile is taking over.

The one area the Web That Remains far ahead of its younger sibling the mobile phone, is security. With many solutions available on the Web to secure your web browsing, we all connect to public Wi-Fi connections from our mobile phone Regularly without thinking of the possible security risks. And there are many.

Hotspot Shield for iOS is taking on This Issue by offering iPhone users a private VPN from Their iPhone, free of cost. Yes, free.

Hotspot Shield has quite Become Well Known on the Web, Especially in the recent Arab Spring, enabling people to use sites blocked Otherwise, and do it undetected. I know I have used it many times to use Services That Are Otherwise not available in my location.

Now with the iOS app, the next time you park yourself in your local Starbucks and connect to the free Wi-Fi, instead of taking the risk of someone spying on you, or even worse, stealing your sensitive information, use Hotspot Shield to create an HTTPS That is significantly more encryption Difficult to crack.

Of course, the iPhone has the option to turn on private browsing by disabling cookies, but let there be no confusion, That option does not in any way compare to the security you get When using a mobile VPN like Hotspot Shield Creates the one.

To understand more about Hotspot Shield, you can visit

Operation is simple, download the application, and run. In the Finder menu bar will see an icon of a shield protecting where we start. In this way, we can make any activity more safely.

But there are more uses, for example through the anonymity offered places we can access when making payments detect our IP and charged in dollars or euros depending on it. Use at airports. Visit places where we want to be identified for activists activities (politics, human rights, ecology, etc.).

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