A new publication by Wikileaks shows how new technologies massive spying all possible barriers violate the right to privacy.

It is the publication of 200 documents about eighty private industry companies espionage and show that the new technologies allow real time spy communications of millions of people.

Hidden Programs (or “passive”, in the jargon) that instantly reconstruct conversations from Facebook, MSN or WhatsApp, without the knowledge neither the user nor the provider.

Software that allows not only intercept and record a conversation but at the same time to identify who is speaking and from where. Trojans that infect computers and steal their secret communications encryption keys.

Everything you do with the phone, internet, or satellite phone handy, or all communications.

Everything can be intercepted and somewhere in the world, is being intercepted. Not even sparing the conversation face to face, because the market today offer powerful headphones to listen to anyone anywhere.

So click selling satellite equipment.

The documents, which were analyzed in a joint investigation by Wikileaks and nineteen newspapers of the world, show that there is no defense against massive spying technologies available in the market.

It is also an industry virtually unchecked opaque, offering everything from missiles to cell phones for special forces in hazardous areas, with panic buttons connected to a GPS, and sensors to detect and send a signal if the user’s phone is dead.

As a private industry has not state control and unquoted no public control of big business, but practically their only customers are governments and large enterprises and Internet telephony.

Among the most important documents is a contract to install the program FinFly telephone from the former Soviet republic of Turkmenistan.

The program allows infecting computers with a Trojan that is lowered each time a user accepts an update from iTunes, Winamp, Open Office or similar programs. Inclusive offers trout updates available to the user lowers thinking companies are recognized when they are actually sent by FinFly undetectable Trojans.

The documents show that the company would Dreamlab FinFly server installed in Oman.

The “Files of spies” have three parts.

The first contains brochures of products offered by various companies.

The second shows any contracts and confidentiality agreements. The third is the list of countries visited primarily responsible for these companies in recent years through a track that would have made ​​of her cell phone.

This file shows that South America is by far the least visited region by these specialists.

Just recorded a visit to Brazil by three experts in June to participate in a training seminar IPP company, which was made to train security forces in the region in intelligence techniques.

The IPP website shows that the next seminar in Brazil will be in November 2015. Another country, Chile, is mentioned in part two of the files.

It is in an agreement signed between the companies Dreamlab and Gamma, written in German, which identifies Chile as well as Switzerland, Bulgaria and Hungary as Dreamlab customers. In other words, under the contract, Chile client would the company that installed the computer program FinFly infection in Turkmenistan and Oman servers.

The satellite tracking of entrepreneur spying industry also show occasional visits to Mexico, which is also mentioned in a brochure of Thales, who explained how he had installed a communications center with 750 police in Mexico City , a kind of police call center for emergency calls.

Worth mentioning that none of these companies, you know, illegal acts. In many countries like Argentina there are no laws against the sale of these tools, but against its use, since the law of 2010 computer security worth the “penetration” of computers, and only the Intelligence Secretariat is authorized to tap phones.

But both telephone companies as large ISPs should buy some of these programs to comply with court orders. However, these spy equipment far beyond what any judge can order, at least in Argentina, because one thing is to order the closure of a site or removal of a photo intrusive, another thing is sort of chats espionage or emails.

Here are some of the bells and whistles that appear in brochures business intelligence:

  • VasTech : Monitoring massive satellite phone . Discover the communication protocol and analyzes the extracted information. Mobile phone networks and Internet : monitoring massive network data storage , voice recognition , traffic data processing . With the Zebra program can take voice , SMS , MMS , email and fax. You can store ” thousands” of terabytes of information ( A tera thousand gygas ) . You can listen to a hundred thousand conversations simultaneously , or capture interceptions billion per day.
  • Cassidian : missiles and anti-aircraft systems . Sensors and radars. Detection equipment nuclear explosives and chemical weapons . More than 25,000 employees worldwide in 700 projects in 80 countries for over 400 clients .
  • Hidden Technology : All kinds of gadgets and gizmos connected with GPS signals , including devices with magnets to stick them under cars .
  • Glimmerglass , Netoptic , NetQuest : Fiber Optic Technology . You can intercept the submarine fiber optic pipes that take and bring communications from one continent to another to intercept communications of entire countries from outside of these countries , but countries ‘ knowledge. For example, Gmail Hotmail or Skype servers are out of Argentina , come and go through these pipes fiber optic and can be intercepted.
  • Cobham : Intercept tactics. As a person is moving , it changes cell antenna which receives the signal. This program allows you to jump from antenna to antenna with the puncture.
  • Scantarget : Analyze real- time web . Search on SMS , Twitter , Facebook , blog , chat forums , etc. . key words to know if anyone is planning a terrorist attack.
  • Ipoque : massive interception and network monitoring . Detects encrypted protocols such as Skype , BitTorrent , SSLand and VPN tunnels . You can search the web up to 25,000 keywords simultaneously.
  • Qosmos : Software that intercepts 550 000 gygabits in real time. All communications of a city like Lauquen Dam fit in 200 gygabits . It also allows more than one thousand enforce “rules” or instructions simultaneously.
  • Silicom : Give a ” redirector ” that acts as a triple plug to redirect electricity to more than one place. In this case you can redirect millions of data to another country or a spy agency without the user or the provider of value added services to find out, using the technique ” man in the middle ” (man in the middle) , which in this case would be duplicated and redirects interceptor communication. 
  • Autonomy Virage : Cameras and face recognition .
  • CRFS : radiofrequencias monitoring . Radios detection trout. Intercept radio communications.
  • Berkeley electronics: microphones detects interference on cellular communications .

From today “spies files” are available on the site Wikileaks

By  Santiago O’Donnell

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